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What’s a smartphone for, if it cannot be used anywhere at any time? Using cell phones when travelling is not an issue since there are a lot of accessories produced to enhance the functions of cell phones even when in a car or bus. Keeping in mind your safety and your addiction for phones, cell phone car accessories are manufactured which provide a whole new experience if using smartphones.

All these variety of car mobile accessories online from Daraz are nothing compared to original car price as they come handy as investments in long run. These accessories are both durable and reliable. They are available in different shapes and sizes to enhance the usage of smartphones. Each accessory has its own purpose. The cell phone car accessories price in Bangladesh is quite affordable at Daraz so that all these products are accessible to a large number of customers.

Variety of car accessories available at Daraz

  • USB car charger
  • For smartphones to remain switched on, it is important that they must be fully charged so that you can use them without any interruption. Since there are no plugs and sockets in cars, USB car chargers are the most required car accessories. You don’t need any cables for charging the cell phone in the car. Simply plug in the USB charger in the phone and it will start charging. There are many car chargers that have Bluetooth and FM transmitter in them so that you can listen to songs or attend calls while the phone is being charged. Some smartphones have their own mobile phone chargers while some have universal chargers.

  • Phone holder
  • To avoid the risks of accidents when using the phone while driving, phone holders are manufactured so that you can use the phone without getting distracted. The phone holder can be attached anywhere in your car, like the dashboard or windshield. It easily grips the phone and is flexible enough so that you can turn the phone in any direction you want. This system is also helpful when you activate the GPS while travelling. Buy mobile accessories for car like these in different styles and designs from Daraz.

  • Speaker car kit
  • Enjoying music in the car while travelling makes your journey less boring. For this purpose, many people buy bluetooth speaker kit for their cars so that they can listen to music or play videos. The sound quality is phenomenal and provides a worthwhile experience to the user. You can easily connect the speaker to your phone through the bluetooth device. The device also has buttons to adjust the volume and forward or rewind anything according to your preference.

  • Car mounts
  • These are also used to hold the phones in the car. The car mount is attached to anyplace in your car, based on your need. Many car mounts are rotatable and flexible so that you can adjust them in any direction or at any length. You can select the car mount based on the size of your phone. They provide a strong grip to the phone without putting any scratches on it.