Color Clay 6 Color - Multi-Color

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পণ্যের বিবরণী Color Clay 6 Color - Multi-Color

  • Self-hardening, nontoxic modeling compound is soft, clean and easy to use.
  • Ideal for a wide range of hands-on learning projects and sculpting activities.
  • Perfect way to cultivate your kids' creativeness and imagination, too! Better for kids above 3.
  • Perfect for jewelry, home décor, mixed media, seasonal items and more.
  • Freshness pouches improve shelf life.
  • Long life and reliability under refrigerated storage.
  • Non-Toxic and perfect for promoting Hand and Eye coordination in younger children!
  • Due to Air-bubble infused clay, it is Lightweight and Hassle-Free! It Doesn’t stick to clothing, furniture, or even paper!
  • Highly malleable, smooth texture is ideal for young artists, mock ups, and animation. Reusable clay will not dry out.

Enjoy The Clay With Your Family

  • Appeal to boys and girls of 3 ages and up.
  • Colorful Air Drying Clay Basic
    PF Ultra-light Plasticine Modeling Clay Artist Studio Toy designs can look more exciting when built with these vibrant colors. Clays easily to handle, which prompts kids to develop into critical thinkers through creative play. As they play, kids develop tools for problem-solving tasks, logical thinking. Soft and easy to handle, making it perfect for everyone from children to the elder.

Just Do It What You Imagine Or See

Intelligent Modeling Clay Design for Brain Development
Intelligent polymer clay set for brain development. With those air drying clay, children and kids can DIY create hundreds of kinds of fruits shapes or cartoons structures or models for playing. Attractive colorful molding clay to help children acquire strong sense of color, fun and easy to build anything they would like!

Some Notes And Suggestions

  • 1. Please wash your hands before use, and knead clay throughly.When clay becomes hard, please knead the clay with wet hand, then clay will be soft again.
  • 2. After use, store remaining clay in an airtight plastic bag.
  • 3. Colors will fade if the finished-work is immersed in water. Do not place works where they are exposed to water, or outdoors.
  • 4. Because of the weather or temperature problem, some clay may be stuck in plastic bag, this is a normal phenomenon.Thanks for your understanding.
  • Tips for preserving clay:
    1. Preserve the clay with plastic wrap or a damp cloth
    2, the length of stay in the air is too long, the clay surface of the dura can be removed, a little rub, sealed with plastic wrap, and then rub, repeat the process until the clay soft recovery.
    3, can be placed in the refrigerator freezer, better effect.
    4, semi dry clay, add water about 30g per 10g, stir slightly, sealed and kept well.
    5, all dried clay, add water about 20g each 30g, hand mixing evenly, sealed for 4-7 minutes, you can recover the initial state

Enjoy it

  • This modeling clay can keep your kids away from electronics, and help them develop their creativity and imagination while play based learning.

  • Further,it can be enhanced the relationship between children and parents while they are palying the clay together.

  • Health、100% Safe & High Quality .  Harmless to human and environment.

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Color Clay 6 Color - Multi-Color

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