Combo of Slider, Swing, Basketball and Music Set for Kids

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পণ্যের বিবরণী Combo of Slider, Swing, Basketball and Music Set for Kids

  • Creates a safe place for your baby
  • To keep them snugly secure
  • Durable, comfortable design
  • To bring a smile to your toddler's face

Combo of Slider, Swing, Basketball, and Music Set for Kids


This baby swing combines safety, style, comfort, and fun. Great for all year round, it features an easy to clean seat and a weather resistant rope. Your baby can enjoy this swing both indoor and outdoor. Quick and easy to assemble, the swing and chair are fully fordable for easy storage and travel. A full strap on a seat belt with adjustable straps creates a safe place for your baby, to keep them snugly secure in place as they swing. The height of the chair can be adjusted with the adjustable ropes.


This slide is made using premium-quality materials that make it sturdy and durable. Available in multiple colors, you can pick the one that best blends with your backyard settings. It ensures hours of non-stop fun and amusement for your children. The wavy appearance of this slide further enhances its look. This slide effortlessly accommodates a weight of up to 250 lbs.


This mini hoop stands apart from the rest because it is carefully constructed to withstand the fun and competitive spirit of indoor mini-basketball. Experience the real satisfaction of a slam-dunk with the durable and innovative spring action hoop that provides the feedback of realistic dunking.

Music Set

This toy set is a perfect gift for children. It is lightweight and small in size with soft edges and curves, which is perfect for small hands to hold on. It is made of plastic material. It can exercise the coordination of hands and eyes. It can keep kids busy; adults could have time to do something. It is very easy for kids to grab by one hand. Kids can play it inside or outside.

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  • willing to buy it if you give me 50% discount, price seems way too high, Give me a price offer !
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    Sir , It's not possible because, we are profit to rear its made in taiwan Strong and infection safty plastic Thank you
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