Guard Cream - 15g

৳ 138
৳ 2,000 টাকা খরচে ৳ 200 টাকা ছাড়
ডেলিভারির অপশনগুলো
Dhaka,Dhaka - South,Bangabhaban
হোম ডেলিভারি
3 - 4 days
৳ 45
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শলদ ব্য
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পণ্যের বিবরণী Guard Cream - 15g

  • Product Type: Ointment
  • Fastrelief from itching and inflammation of skin
  • Providesquick relief from inflammation & Itching
  • Relief from Fungus, Jock itching,Athlete’s foot, Eczema skin
  • Capacity: 15g
Itch Guard Cream - 15g

Itch guard a very handy cream to fight those itchy side patches we normally suffer from. The cream starts working right from the first application as it relives you from the itchand helps bring things to normal. These side patches are the worst kind of itch and can berelieved only after we itch and scratch it to the full. It can be quite an embarrassing affair at times but when it starts itching nothing else matters. Itchguard really is a very great solution to fight and get rid of these side patches permanently. It starts working right from the first use and gradually heals it completely at least for a limited period of time. Being afungal disease it is due to re-appear in times but having the service of a great cream like Itch guard at your disposal really helps and prevent the disease from spreading and making life miserable.

Specifications of Guard Cream - 15g

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Itch Guard Cream - 15g

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