Hand-Held Blender - White & Green

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পণ্যের বিবরণী Hand-Held Blender - White & Green

  • Enjoy creating a wide variety of shakes, desserts and more with the help of Ganesh new stylish hand blender.
  • Light in weight and nicely contoured to smoothly fit in your hand, this hand blender is easy-to-use and operate.
  • Requiring no external power source and relying purely on hands for its operation, enjoy using this handy whisker anytime, even during a power shortage.
  • The non-slipping surface of the turning knob and handle ensures efficient use.
  • Featuring blades that are made of stainless steel wire, it makes any blending or whisking task comfortable and easy.
  • Ensure to stock this handy blender in your kitchen as it is sure to come in handy.
  • Featuring an ABS plastic body, this hand blender is sturdy and heat resistant.
  • Rust-proof, this blender can be manually washed in running water and ensures lasting usage.
  • With the smoothly rotating gears enclosed for enhanced protection and easy cleaning, every aspect of this blender has been carefully designed.
  • Suitable for any kind of work, including beating, liquidizing and churning, this versatile blender is a must for any kitchen.
  • Whip cream, blend soups and dals, churn lassis and butter milk like a professional using this kitchen aid.
  • Make any blending task smooth and convenient equipped with this stylish and functional hand blender.

About Hand Blender

Innovative and easy to use hand held mixer for batters, mixes, cream, eggs and more. Enclosed gears and removable stainless steel beaters. Detachable dishwasher safe base. Soft non- slip grips on turning knob and handle for easy use.
A stainless steel bridge extends slightly longer than the Beaters to rest against the bottom of the mixing bowl to reduce arm strain and avoid interfering with the bottom of the bowl. All parts are easily detachable for easy manual wash. Made from abs plastic and stainless steel. Food grade material with metal handle which are totally harmless to health. Its vacuum base firmly fix it with working platform for a steady sturdy operation. This original juicer is good for orange, pineapple, grapes, sweet lime, water melon, pomegranate, bitter gourd, spinach, tomato etc. Wash and dry after use. Create dozens of fresh juice glasses in minutes. Create special juices and mock tails the easy way. Non electrical. Easy to operate. Large screw to maximum pressure for juice.

The Tool that You Need in Your Kitchen

For the fastest, safest and easiest way for beating, churning, whipping and liquidising, Ganesh brings to you their most stylish hand blender yet. Designed with elegance and style in mind, this blender is also functionally easy and comfortable to use and maintain.

Keeping Safety in Mind

Ganesh also boasts completely rust proof blades assuring you utmost safety. The blades are made from highly durable stainless steel wire providing a finished blend with smooth and silky texture for best results when cooked. The body is made from high quality ABS plastic for a sturdy build. The gears used inside have long life time and Ganesh ensures this by using Dearline material during the manufacturing process.

Giving You Convenient Blending

Keeping in mind the hygiene of the blender, manual wash is made easy due to the ergonomic and practical design of the blender. The handle used to blend is made from soft material which is not only comfortable but also provides a superior grip. Ganesh also promotes an environment friendly lifestyle by helping to reduce the consumption of electricity by using manual effort. This also ensures that the users enjoy a hazard free healthy lifestyle by imparting physical effort in the process of blending.

Specifications of Hand-Held Blender - White & Green

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Ganesh Hand-Held Blender - White & Green

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