What is Pohela Boishakh?

History repeats that Bangladesh is a country of spontaneous festivals. One of the most celebrated traditional festivals across the country is Bangla new year, also known as Noboborsho or Pohela Boishakh (পহেলা বৈশাখ) which refers to the first day of Bangla calendar. It is directly related to the long aged Bengali culture and tradition. As a public holiday, Pohela Boishakh in Bangladesh is celebrated by the whole nation with a heartening environment. In continuation of this glorified tradition, Bangla new year 2019 is prepared to wave the country with a warm gratification after a complete year.

Who Started Bengali New Year?

The great Mughal emperor Akbar brought in the Bengali calendar in attention in 1556 A.D. to make the tax collection easier. On pahela baisakh, tax were collected generally. According to ancient pohela boishakh history, emperor Akbar is remembered as the establisher of Bangla calendar and today's Pohela boishakh festival as well.

What Are The Attractions For Pohela Baishakh 1426?

As practiced events, Pohela boishakh 1426 (as Bengali calendar, the New Year is referred to 1426) will also be celebrated with many traditional events and preparations. On this occasion, Bengali families clean and decorate their house with local tradition such as colorful designs called 'alpana'. Then people have a bath and after wearing new dresses, go out for many festive gatherings like boishakhi mela, noukabaich and boli khela etc. Boishakhi mela is one of the most delightful episodes of pohela boishakh (or Pahela baishakh) with so many options to enjoy. 

Are You Ready For Celebrating Pohela Boishakh 2019?

Pohela boishakh 2019 (people may also know as Poyla Boisakh or Poila Baishakh) is the most splendid and colorful carnival of Bangladeshi people. The whole nation is waiting to embrace this biggest cultural festivity of Bangladesh. But what about yourself? Are you prepared to cheer the Bangla Noboborsho (শুভ নববর্ষ ১৪২৬)? Either you are ready or not- it's high time to hold yourself ready for the gala feast day of the country. Because there will be so many colors and events on this day, that abstain thyself from this extraordinary episode can cause you a great regret.

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