R-H270P4PBK Top Mount Refrigerator 253L - Black

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Product details of R-H270P4PBK Top Mount Refrigerator 253L - Black

  • Model: R-H270P4PBK
  • Class(Net): 230
  • Capacity(Gross): 253L
  • Power Supply: 220-240V, 50Hz
  • Plug: BS 3PIN
  • CFC Free: Yes
  • HFC Free: Yes
  • Refrigerant: R-600a
  • Dual Fan Cooling: No
  • MINUS-ZERO Cooling: No
  • Cool Jet Wrap: No
  • Air Jet Flow: Yes
  • Nano Titanium: Yes
  • Front Air Flow: No
  • Selectable Mode Compartment: No
  • Convertible Compartment: Yes
  • Chilled Compartment: No
  • Shelves: Glass(3)
  • Crisper Shelf: Glass
  • LED Light: Yes

Powerful Cooling at 60°C*

High power from the inverter compressor generates a large volume of chilled air, and Dual Fan Cooling delivers all of this to the compartments for powerful cooling. So even if the ambient temperature reaches as high as 60°C, every corner inside the refrigerator is still thoroughly cooled.

Stabilizer Free

Even without a special stabilizer, Hitachi’s inverter refrigerators can operate under wide voltage fluctuations ranging from as low as 130V to as high as 300V.

Big, Super-Moisture Vegetable Compartment

The vegetable compartment also offers ultra large storage capacity. And the Moisture-Guard on the top ensures indirect cooling to maintain the optimum moisture level, so vegetables retain their freshness.

Smart Vegetable Compartment

The framed container enables easy opening and closing even when a lot of items are stored. Indirect cooling to maintain the optimum moisture level.

Slide Out Chilled Case

This case is chilled to a temperature of -1°C to preserve the freshness of meat, fish and cheese. It can also be used to cool beverages.

Bright, Energy-Saving LED Light

All Compartment feature LED lighting that lasts a long time and consumes much less energy than conventional lamp.

Moldproof Door Gasket

Thanks to Hitachi's mold proofing treatment, the door gasket can be cleaned easily.

Smart Control Dial

Easy to see and access, the temperature control dial is located on the front side wall of the compartment to allow smart operation.

Tempered Glass Shelves

These shelves are scratch-proof, heat-resistant and they prevent spills.
Holding up to100kg*
*10 Weight resistance of Tempered Glass

Nano Titanium

Nano Titanium is cutting edge technology that uses a TiO2 catalyst to provide a powerful anti bacterial, anti-mold and deodorizing effect.

Product Specification:

Refrigerator• Front Air Flow No
• Selectable Mode Compartment No
• Convertible Compartment Yes
• Chilled Compartment No
• Shelves Glass(3) • Adjustable shelves Yes
• Crisper Shelf Glass • 3-Way Flexible Shelf No
• LED Light Yes
Vegetable• Smart-open Vege Compartment No
• Big,Super Moisture (with gasket) No
• Smart Frame No
• Big Vege Case Yes
• 2Way Humidity Controller No
• Slide type double deck drawer No
Freezer• Front Jet Freezing -No
• Movable Twist Ice Tray y • Ice Tray/ Ice Maker -No
• Shelves -Glass • LED Light -No
• Freezer lamp -No
• Slide type double deck drawer -No
Other Feature• Inverter Contorol Yes
• Electronic Control Yes
• Eco Thermo-sensor Yes
• Intelligent Inverter Fan Yes
• Touch Screen Controller -No
• Control Panel (Door ) -No
• Front Temp Control Dial -No
• Rear Temp Control Dial Yes
• Quick Freezing -No
• Door Ararm -No
• Water Dispenser -No
• Lock and Key Yes
• Handle Wave-cut • Foot Cover -No
• Option -No
• Handle Divided -No
Dimensions• Width -580
• Height -1625
• Depth -695
Container Q'• 20ft -45
• 40ft -96
• 40ftH -96

Specifications of R-H270P4PBK Top Mount Refrigerator 253L - Black

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  • Warranty Policy EN
    10 Years Compressor and 1 Year Parts
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R-H270P4PBK Top Mount Refrigerator 253L - Black

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