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Smartwatches – the must have technology

Gone are the days when people only used to buy smartphones. Now when you are to buy your prized phone, you need to have the best smartwatch with it. Many of the famous brand names of the mobile and the electronics category have started to produce these and it’s your decision to get the smartwatch you want.

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Smartwatch operating system

When you are to buy smartwatches online, the first thing you need to consider is the operating system. Most of the smartwatches are compatible with an iOS or Android device and some of them are even operational for both. When buying these, you always need to make sure to check that your device is matching your operating system or not.

A watch that has an iOS system is known for having faster processing speeds, a cleaner and better layout and offer very high stability. The apps that only go through Apple’s rigid approval processes are allowed here.

On the other hand, the Android watches are more of an open-source type that can be present. When you buy smartwatches of this type, you have a number of customized options available to choose from.


Smartwatches have a wide range of designs and styles present. These are available in the sizes of 16mm, 20mm and 22 mm depending on the selection of the wearer. The watchbands are generally present in leather or stainless steel. Other types of options include silicone bands which work perfect for outdoor and sporty wear for different people and there is also an option to customize them. The smartwatches price in Bangladesh for these can vary according to the type of wristband.

Display Features

Another thing to look at is the display time. There are two types available which are OLED and AMOLED. Both of them function without a backlight and illuminate each pixel. The screens for these are generally thinner and use a less amount of energy. The difference is that OLED displays are either a single display or a multi-color display whereas AMOLED displays are always full-color screens.

The screen is an LCD one and it offers reflective designs that work the best in sunlight and other bright settings which are present. The interface is always a touch screen one. The displays are gesture based and let you to make the device function with a swipe or a tap while allowing you to scroll and navigate.

There are buttons located on the face of the watch that let you to control features such as taking a photo, checking social media, making a call and many more. The push buttons and the bezel allow you to do simple home and back commands.

Special Features

Each smartwatch manufactured by the largest brands has its own set of features present. Some offer activity tracking features which see the heart rate, the activity steps, calories and other customized workout options.