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Have the world at your wrist with a smart watch completely changing the timekeeping measures. Long gone were the day when there were basic watches to adorn your wrist. The latest technology has now enabled man to be creative and craft watches that are high-tech transforming lives. The smart watches introduced by Samsung have essentially evolved with time, the newest additions are a great contribution to the world of watches.

Samsung Gear Live Smart Watch

This device has moments of brilliance with a strong Android compatibility along a sleek design. It's an impressive innovation with a bright screen, vivid enough to please the eye. The metal body taking instructions through a microphone. The key features of this Gear is that its water and dust resistant giving it a powerful durability that cannot be matched. Manage your daily tasks here and live without worries.

Samsung Gear S2 Smart Watch

This gadget is one of the intriguing invention by Samsung providing an easy access to apps, widgets and notifications holding a strong compatibility with Android gadgets. If you have missed a call on your phone, now answer and make calls from your wrist. Galaxy Gear responds to your fingers or voice at all times. In our busy schedules, this smart watch is no less than a bliss; it is a great source of maintaining timely tasks. Stay connected, set an alarm, schedule tasks or any other important applications can be executed on this compact piece of technology. Be ready for a seamless communication from your Samsung Gear S2 watch. You can also take a rapid snapshot memo when your camera is not anywhere near. This smart device will replace your phone automatically performing all the functions. Speak to your watch and manage your fitness goals without a hassle. Play your favorite music when your phone is away, you can also be updated with the weather through a weather app. Unlock your potential and explore with Samsung Gear S2.

Prices for Samsung Smart Watches in Bangladesh

Avail the opportunity to buy Samsung Smart Watches at the most affordable price for you to keep a track of everything around you. We guarantee you a timely delivery right at your doorstep with easy payment methods. Let's live smart!