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Lenovo Smartphones - Stylish Design, Advanced Features

One of the leading companies in personal computing, Lenovo has expanded its range to include smartphones. Packed with features and affordable; the best Lenovo smartphones give the customer a big bang for their buck.

The distinguishing factors of these phones are their sleek design and finishing that give a high-quality handling experience like no other. With aesthetics to match those of other high-end brands, Lenovo is not that far behind in terms of features and specifications as well. Extended battery, excellent cameras and audio are just some of the many perks of having a Lenovo smartphone. You will find a large collection of Lenovo smartphones in Bangladesh right here

Lenovo Vibe Series

With the latest specs, Vibe is the premiere series of Lenovo. Incorporating the most powerful processors, innovative camera technology and Full HD displays; this phone is ideal for those who want to capture a lot of pictures and lead an active lifestyle.

Clocking in at least 2.0GHz, the phones in this series boast an octa-core processor. With the latest in camera technology, the Lenovo Vibe Shot, the models in this series are the Lenovo Vibe X2, Vibe X, Vibe Z2, Vibe Z and Vibe Z Pro.

Lenovo A Series

Lenovo smartphone prices vary according to the models and their specifications. Therefore, affordable and easy to use, the A series is ideal for the first time users of the smartphones or the Android platform. Easy on the pocket yet boasting quad-core processors for a fast and efficient experience, the A series is compact and has all the basic features and more. Notable models in this series are the A700, A800, A850 and the A690.

Lenovo S Series

A series designed to handle all your media needs, the S series can handle streaming videos, playing games and giving high quality audio output. With extendable storage to store all your media files, the phone is a complete package. The 5-inch HD screen and good battery life come together to give a high quality viewing experience.

Various Other Series

When you are looking to buy Lenovo smartphones, you will come across many other series on top of the ones mentioned above. With the K series for casual users who want more out of their phones to the P series for professional use; you will find the best collection of Lenovo smartphones in Bangladesh here at

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