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Your home is never complete without the perfect television. Televisions are used for different informative and entertainment purposes. The importance level for these devices is considered to be quite high. When you are buy TVs online, you might find the task to be extremely daunting as there are a number of options to select from.

The online TVs shop at Daraz provides you with a large collection of TV’s along with tv accessories to choose from. Furthermore, there is plenty of information provided so you can make an easy and informed decision when online shopping for TVs.

Buying what is right for you!

There are a great number of things that need to be kept in mind when you are purchasing your television set. Each and every feature present in the best TVs will improve your watching experience and will make it have a long lasting life.

Types of Televisions

When it comes to the types of televisions, there are two types that are widely used. The LCD TVs use liquid crystal display technology that gives the image a bright and highly clear look. These TV’s have sharp and superior picture quality as compared to various other models. Over the course of time, the picture quality and the viewing angles have increased in the latest sets. A Samsung TV is of those LCD TVs that offer high image quality and perfect watching experience.

LED TVs are currently the most popular TV type present in the market. These offer the richest picture quality as they can be used in all types of lighting conditions and especially in very well-lit rooms. LED televisions come with very thin profiles which lets them be placed in any sort of viewing space. The LED TVs price in Bangladesh is comparatively higher to the LCD range.

Shape and Size

The next thing to look at is the TV shape and size. These two factors greatly affect your purchasing decision along with the TVs Price as well.

The first thing to consider in these aspects is the place where you want to keep your device. You can place the set on your TV cabinet or you can mount it on a wall as well. Moreover, if there is a small space, then a TV with a smaller screen size would be the perfect one for you. If you have a large size room, then a TV with a larger screen size would be the best. Many new televisions are known to offer internet connectivity via a broadband connection in the present day. These devices let you stream your favorite shows, movies and news online on your television.


There is always an option to attach a number of accessories to your TV set. You can opt to buy speakers which can enhance the sound. These speakers can be bought separately or as a joint part of the home theater system. Many of the new TVs that offer HD picture quality come with Blu-Ray DVD technology that gives you a vast meaning to the picture quality.