Our Objectives

Digitising & Empowering Rural Bangladesh

By creating the opportunity for the rural sellers to become Daraz Store (D-Store) owners, Daraz is opening the avenue for rural population to taste the freedom of e-commerce in their vicinity and in the process, digitising and empowering rural Bangladesh.

Women Empowerment

By utilising the women entrepreneur force of Bangladesh like iSocial, Daraz is creating more opportunity for women to grow their business and inspiring more women to earn money the same way. Thus, Daraz is playing a role in women empowerment.

Support small retailers/business grow

By providing a platform to sell more than 1.5 lac products online, Daraz is empowering the small retailers and helping their business to grow substantially. D-store is targeting small retailers because they are locally trusted and have specific delivery addresses.

Rural reach to vast product range

Naturally the variety of products which are available in the cities are not necessarily available in the rural areas. However, in this era of globalization, rural people are aware of the existence of these products and the demand exists. D-Store enables the rural mass to access these vast range of products.

Alleviating Poverty

Through, digitising rural Bangladesh,women empowerment, supporting small retail businesses, Daraz is playing a role in alleviating poverty in Bangladesh.

Benefits of
Opening a Daraz Store

Zero Capital Investment

To join D-Store, a retailer does not need to have any capital investment, rather s/he can just sign up to be a D-Store owner.

No Storage Space Required

By becoming a D-Store owner, a retailer is entering the world of e-commerce. Hence, he does not need to have a physical space to store various kinds of products.

Handsome Commission on Purchase

With each Purchase or transaction the D-Shop owner earns a handsome commission which becomes his extra income alongside his business.

Increased Customer Loyalty

By becoming D-Store owner, a retailer can sell over thousands of different kinds of products. This leads to customer satisfaction and increases customer loyalty.

How do we
do it ?

Step 1 of 7

Product Selection:

Customer comes to the store and select the product from retailer’s device.

Order Placement:

D-Store manager places the order for the customer.

Product Delivery to Local Office:

Daraz delivers the product to local office.

Product Delivery to Store:

From local office product is delivered to the store.

Product Collection:

Shop manager checks and collects the product ordered.

Informing Customer:

D-Store manager then informs the customer to collect their product from Daraz store.

Product Delivered:

Customer comes to the store and receive their product.


Product Selection

Order Placement

Delivery to Local Office

Delivery to store

Product Collection

Informing Customer

Product Delivered

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