X009 Spy Camera - Black

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পণ্যের বিবরণী X009 Spy Camera - Black

  • Antenna Type: Internal
  • External Power form: USB
  • Features Map
  • Resolution: 320 x 230
  • Interface language: English
  • Types of: MMS Location

About X009 Spy Camera - Black

Camera: 300,000 CMOS cameraGSM standard: 850/900/1800/1900 quad-band and GPRS networkSize: 14 x 55 x 45mmMemory: support 16G T card(A) functional operationOn / Off MachineHold down the switch / machine keys 3-5 seconds, the light is turned on continuously flashing, lights off until you can call.

Hold down the switch / machine keys 3-5 seconds, the light lit, lights out is off laterFirst set up authorization boot successfully set before use. (Bound phone, to prevent leakage of privacy.)

Set authorized person
Edit the text using a mobile phone "SZHM # authorized person's phone number #" to the product, (letters must be uppercase)For example: the first pre-authorized 1358888881, 13588888882 second authorized person. (This number is the number they used the phone) {Tips: Dear buyers, you receive all the latest upgraded version of the baby, the authorized person to set simple and quick, the latest set of programs authorized person have their own phone Edit: SOS + their phone number on it}Tip: If you send "SZHM # authorized person's phone number #" to the product not reply: "Set successful, the new guardians List", then you can first send "SC", and so have SMS reply (delete guardians a list of successes), the then send "SZHM # authorized person's phone number #."

1. Location Map link: Authorized edit text "DW" sent to this product, will return the URL.
2. Continuous Location: Authorized edit text "55515" sent to this product. (Interval 555 positioned behind the figures represent, so 55515 once they receive the product successful positioning location information back pass every 15 minutes on behalf of positioning positioning period 15 "X" 1440, beyond this range default 15 minutes. ) Close the continuous positioning command: GBDW.

Platform inquiryUsers to edit the letters "PT" is sent to the machine, it will return a text message with the machine itself IMEI number and password, the user with the IMEI number and password dx009.net find more background information (supports multiple map queries, You can check machine location, historical trajectory, the electronic fence, run the statistics, change passwords, and other functions.)

Edit short message "000" sent to this product will be automatically shoot a picture and presence on the micro SD card.

Pictures Return
Edit the text "111" sent to this product. Return the machine to take pictures when you want to insert a micro SD card (this feature need to have GPRS and MMS enabled card).

Edit the text "222" sent to this product reply prompt start recording (video send "444" will end and saved to a micro SD card).

Edit the text "333" sent to this product reply prompt start recording (when recording Send "444" will end and saved to a micro SD card).

Format memory card
Edit the text "999" sent to this product, format the memory card.

Voice Callback
One way: SMS Callback
Authorized people use mobile phones edit the text "777" sent to the plug on the product's phone card number, when the sound around the product more than 30 db, there will be Chinese SMS (Safety tips: Some unauthorized intrusion) to authorize people to use phone.

Second way: call-back (real-time monitoring)
Authorized person using a mobile phone to edit short message "888" is sent to the plug on the product's phone card number. When the sound around the product more than 30 db, directly back to the donor's cell phone rang.

Manual adjustment of sensitivity:
Authorized person with authorized mobile phone edit the text "777 # 210 #" (SMS Callback), or "888 # 210 #" (call-back) on the product to the phone card number, the machine will turn on voice features. Set successfully, there will be SMS recovery prompt. (Where # 210 # This is inside the range can 8-210-255 sensitivity value, so many customers will react phone motionless receive text messages and telephone equipment, and this is your tone is too low because of the sensitivity of the reference value 210)

Electricity query
Edit the text "666" sent to this product.


The product's default last message on a message is automatically canceled instruction instruction to cancel all of the above functions are edit the text "444" to the product.
The device can also be used as a paragraph can move u disk use (stored in set Recording can be prepared on the camera via a USB link to computer equipment on your PCOpen, but also can be stored in other files or image data via USBAnd so on, is really a multi-purpose machine! ??
(B) Note
* The battery is exhausted, the need to connect the charger 3 minutes to start charging* The new machine is fully charged before use in order to achieve the best results* Charger Standard: 5.0V 300-500MA, so as not to damage the host* Does not light, battery power, charge and then use* Get the phone, turn on or charge card and then re-test* Do not automatically answer, re-boot card
Need extra controllers, customized to their own
* Do not attempt to disassemble, damage is not caused by man-made "three guarantees" range

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X009 Spy Camera - Black

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