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Online shopping for 4k tv in Bangladesh has become more convenient as at daraz.com.bd, you can find ultra hd 4k tv prices in Bangladesh with affordable discount deals and sales offers. One of the most innovative invention is none other than a 4K TV which gives as expansive and dynamic tv viewing experience. A 4K TV possesses a resolution of 3,840 x 2,160 pixels, greater than 8 million pixels altogether, which is four times the number in Full HD (1,920 x 1,080). A crystal clear display with each and every minute detail captures, this TV provides a depth of images giving a feel of 3D at times. Now you can buy 4K TVs online at a complete ease, bring this technology home by placing an order at Daraz.com.bd.

Choose From Top 4K TV Brands in Bangladesh

All the eminent brands such as Samsung, Sony, Panasonic and LG are offering a wide range 4K TVs for a visualization that stretches your mind. Such high quality of picture will only be absorbed on a larger TV screen, giving more preference to screen of 40-inches or over. Enhance your vision by playing your video games and watching the next movie in your list.

Sony 4K TVs come with unparallel design and performance with ultra hd display. All the models provide an access to distinctive features that the brand promises. The quality in terms of the pricing is a sweet deal for everyone out there. Don't forget to check out the curved series!

Samsung 4K TVs It's a new level of home entertainment, with an availability of curved 4k TVs present an off angle viewing. The optimized contrast and astounding shades of colors will make everything look better. It's an experience of a lifetime, such vivid exhibition is what we need today.

LG 4K TVs bring new experience of 4K Ultra HD TV, drifting the way you look at everything around you. It delivers an immersive image quality, making every seat a contenting reveal. It's definitely bigger and bolder than before. LG offers a curved series for you to not miss on anything.

Panasonic 4K TVs bring dazzling array of colors and clarity in everything you watch. It's a one time investment to have a quality time with your friends and family, an ultra smart interface has enabled you to create your individual collection of data and apps.

Best Prices of 4K TVs Online at Daraz.com.bd

It's time to refine the way you watch TV, the 4K TV prices in Bangladesh is absolutely matchless this season. With an affordability, now you can avail luxury living without a hassle. We assure you a timely delivery and easy payment methods for your orders placed. Let's have a complete peace of mind right here right now Order online and receive delivery of your 4k television in Dhaka, Khulna and all across bangladesh.