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As technology advances, so does our need to manage, organize and store data. This data can be important documents, audio files or any other type of media. Whatever the type of data you need to store, the storage devices offered at have you covered.

Vast Storage, Small Size

Storage devices have become as important as the electronic gadgets that utilize them, in fact every other electronic device needs a storage mechanism. This is important to store your information in the form of documents and media. Understanding this need for data storage we offer small devices capable of storing large amounts of data. These can be in the form compact flash drives that are some of simplistic methods of storage and data transfer available today. Plug in your flash drives into your laptops USB ports and instantly store media. Leading brands offer many innovations in their USBs that go beyond the call of information conservation.

Scandisk is one of the most popular brands in Bangladesh and that’s because the company understands the need for speedy file transfer and media storage. Notebooks offered here are designed to be able to have multiple USB ports for flash drives and other peripheral accessories.

Storage device such as external hard disks can store up to 2 TB of data at a time; this can prove to be extremely useful in providing your desktops with a back-up in case of system crash or the need for a new operating system. These devices can store your entire hard drive worth of media. Besides that, they are especially useful in storing entire high definition games and movies.

Phones and tablets make heavy use of memory cards that are either SD or mircoSD and can extend a phone storage capacity up to a whopping 256GB. You won’t have to worry about your phone using up its internal storage for all your music and apps, the memory cards have that covered.

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At Daraz Bangladesh you can easily shop for your favorite brand of storage devices online at the most reasonable prices in the country. Browse the catalogs to get complete information about each storage and find the one that is optimal for your needs.