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Daraz is your virtual cricket shop in bangladesh featuring wide range of cricket accessories online from popular brands. Order now and enjoy amazing discounts on all cricket accessories price in bangaldesh including bat, ball, pads, helmets, shoes, jerseys and everything in between. Since cricket is one the most; in fact the second most popular game in the world. Played by roughly twenty countries around the globe, it’s no surprise that cricket accessories are so popular in the country. People are always searching for that great accessory for their next big match; luckily our verified list of distributors have showcased largest assortment of cricket kit in bangladesh online at

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Cricket involves a setup of two rounds termed as innings; the two teams play one inning. A batting inning; in which one team bats to score while the opposing team pitches to the batsman and tries to stop the batsmen from scoring. If you’re searching for best quality cricket bats, then luckily you can find amazing discounts on cricket bat price in bangaldesh. It is true that cricket craze is rampant in the entire country and has young and old chasing after low price cricket accessories from trusted brands. Some of the most popular cricket accessories in bangladesh are bats; and superior brands like GM have made sure that their products are of top quality and elegant deign. They not only prove to give a pleasant sporting experience but also give a stylish look. The cricket ball, something of a bowlers pride and joy, are highly demanded and come made from material that’s not only appealing in appearance but also tough so as to survive the rigorous playing of the game. If you’re in the mood for buying one then luckily at daraz, you can find best discounts on cricket ball price in bangladesh with options like payment on time and delivery to your doorstep.

Cricket enthusiasts throughout the country can’t get enough of their team’s jerseys, especially during high profile matches; either they are playing or watching. These jerseys are made by some great brands that offer high quality material in their fabrics. They also add some unique touches to complement the jerseys; adding a look of more style to the standard jersey. Helmets are equipment of the game that serve a dual purpose; providing a semi-professional look to a friendly game and safety for the batsman. Lucky for you, as daraz is offering market competitive cricket helmet price in bangladesh with guarantee of quality in long run.

You might be searching around to find that perfect guard for your knees and those stylish gloves for grip, safety for your hands and legs by cricket pads, so you’ve got to do a bit of searching to find that right brand that speaks to you and your budgets. Fortunately you don’t have to visit your local retailer and bargain for discount as daraz is offering you market competitve cricket pad price in bangladesh with timely delivery and payment on time convenience. The market, so full of this equipment, requires a bit of searching and bargaining getting this stuff optimal to your need. Cricket accessories online at are much simpler to get.

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Daraz Bangladesh offers some of the best cricket accessories price in dhaka, Khulna and countrywide without compromising on quality and sporty style. Browse through the catalogs filled with many different types of cricket accessories complete with detailed pictures and descriptions of your favorite accessory. Read what other customers had to say about the brand before you buy it and get it delivered. We also offer largest selection of gym equipment available at discounted rates.

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