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Daraz Bills FAQ

Daraz Bills is a facility for Daraz customers to pay their utility bills on Daraz app.

Currently there are no charges (service or payment processing fee) on the bill payment. Standard charges will be applicable in the future.

Currently only postpaid bills can be paid. Prepaid bill service will soon be added to the platform.

Postpaid Bills

Step 1: Click on Pay bills
Step 2: Click ‘Add New Account’
Step 3: Select the utility service (electricity, gas, water etc.)
Step 4: Select the utility company.
Step 5: Enter account number to fetch the bill details.
Step 6: Select payment methods.

Step 1: Click on Daraz Bills.
Step 2: Select your Utility type & Company.
Step 3: Enter Account Number.
Step 4: Tap Check Bill.

Account Number is an 8-15-digit number printed on your bill, which is also referred as "Account No.", "Customer No.", "Consumer No.", “Customer Code”, “Bill No.”, “গ্রাহক সংকেত নং”

Step 1: Click on Daraz Bills.
Step 2: Select your Utility type & Company.
Step 3: Enter Account Number.
Step 4: Tap Check Bill

You may have entered incorrect payment details. Please update your card details or contact your bank for further assistance. For MFS wallet payment, please make sure you are entering correct PIN for your account.

Usually, it takes 1-2 minutes after any successful payment confirmation. However, due to internet connectivity and external (ekpay/ utility providers) system’s latency it may take further couple of minutes. In all cases (success/ fail) end customer will receive notification.

Your bill is paid if you have received your email invoice or if your bill order is marked as ‘delivered’ on your App.

Once the transaction fails it will automatically be refunded.

Yes. You will receive an invoice by email.

We do not reimburse for wrong bill payment. Please make sure you have entered the correct account number before making the payment.

Go on Daraz App>Account>My Orders>View All. Your payment is confirmed if your Bill order is marked as ‘Delivered’

Yes, you can pay your bill after due date with Late payment charges.

Yes, you can pay your bill after due date with Late payment charges.

1. Except DESCO and Dhaka WASA; for the rest of the utility companies- all the arrear bills (with penalty imposed by the respective utility companies) will be reflected in case any customer misses to pay bill/s.
2.For DESCO and DWASA – bill (with penalty) generation will be monthly basis only.

No, cancellation is not allowed once the payment has been made and the transaction is successful.

Yes. If you are eligible for discount voucher as well as the voucher is not expired, you can apply voucher code against your payment.

There are 3 scenarios where a voucher code typed by a user are not accepted:
- Voucher quantity has ended: This means all vouchers have been used by previous customers.
- Voucher has expired: This means that the user has typed an old voucher code which is not valid anymore.
- Voucher does not exist: This means the user has typed an incorrect voucher code.

Your bill is paid if you have received your email invoice or if your bill order is marked as ‘delivered’ on your App.

You can claim that amount from Daraz by sharing your email invoice or a screenshot of the paid bill on your App.

Currently utility bills can be paid for the following companies:

Type Company Name Model
Electricity DESCO Post-Paid
WZPDCL Post-Paid
DPDC Post-Paid
Water Khulna WASA Post-Paid
Dhaka WASA Post-Paid
Gas Jalalabad Gas Transmission & Distribution System Post-Paid
Bakhrabad Gas Distribution Company Limited Post-Paid
Pashchimanchal Gas Company Limited Post-Paid

Pay Utility Bills from Home - Online Bill Payment in Bangladesh

Daraz has launched an online bill payment BD service, allowing customers to pay all types of bills from the comfort of their own homes. Paying your utility bills (e.g. palli bidyut bill payment online) is an integral part of our lives and is a basic necessity we all need to get by. With the electricity bill payment, water and gas bill payment and so many utilities and bills to pay, it becomes a problem to keep track of all them and pay them by going to the bank and standing in the queue and going through so much hassle, and not to forget, all that before their designated due dates! But now you don’t have to go through so much trouble just to pay your monthly electricity bill or line rents as Daraz on its app has now introduced, Daraz bills (dBills), an online bill payment platform from where you can clear all your utilities and bills from the comfort of your home. Moreover, you don't have to fear fake utility bill bangladesh. So, make your lives easier and get on board with dBills online bill payment solutions (epay bangladesh) by bidyut bill check, dhaka desco bill check online and dhaka wasa bill check method. It's fast and super convenient!

Pay Your Online Bills with Daraz Bills

If you don't know how to pay gas bill online in bangladesh, then big news is waiting for you! Daraz has recently launched and introduced, Daraz Bills (dBills), an online bill paying platform in BD on its app to make your online experience even better! Being Bangladesh’s one-stop-online solution, Daraz has partnered with multiple utility service providers in Bangladesh such as electricity bill payment online bangladesh, WASA, DPDC online bill payment, DESCO electricity bill and more for dBills so you can clear all your dues and pay your utility bills online for gas, water bill, phone btcl online bill (btcl bill view), online electricity bill payment all over the country with convenience. For Daraz bills, Daraz ensures that their users all over Bangladesh can easily avail this platform to clear their dues like dwasa bill. You can make your bill payment online easily after palli bidyut bill check, online electricity bill check bd service etc. with multiple digital payment options by using Daraz payment partner Bank's credit/debit card, bKash account, or by using DarazWallet. Daraz bills also offer great discounts on these payment options so you can get a discount on your bill payment so you not only save time but save money as well!

Paying your bills online has never been this easy! Now you can make your bill payment (postpaid) on Daraz these simple steps:

1. Click on Pay bills
2. Click ‘Add New Account’
3. Select the utility service (electricity, gas, water etc.)
4. Select the utility company.
5. Enter account number to fetch the bill details.
6. Select payment methods.

So, pay your daily utility bill bd online after performing desco online bill check in a smart way and download the Daraz app now to make your online bill payment hassle-free and convenient with Daraz and get 10% discount on your bills online with exclusive dBills voucher codes!

About Daraz Bangladesh

Daraz is the biggest online market place in Bangladesh that offers easy purchasing and selling of products of various assortments from the comfort of your home! Daraz offers free delivery to its customers on thousands of different items ranging from mobile phones, appliances, furniture, digital goods, online grocery store and so much more fr om official flagship stores and approved sellers. Whether you want to shop online, book your travels & buy online travel packages with dTravels, buy gr oceries through dMart, Daraz offers solutions for all! Shop comfortably online as Daraz provides flexible return policies and flexible payment plans for all its customers so that you can find the best online rates for all your needs. It’s always a happy shopping experience with Daraz Bangladesh! 

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