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Many insects, especially mosquitoes are known for carrying various diseases such as malaria and dengue that are harmful to your health and the everybody around you. In Bangladesh, there are a number of dengue cases that are reported annually and the stats are increasing every year. It is usually difficult to get rid of these menaces, but today every hazard has a solution. First of all you should make sure that your house is clean and spray the areas where insects live. However, the best solution to this problem is to install insect killers in your house. Previously people used mosquito coils which are burnt at one end and the smoke that is produced can kill mosquitoes. But this is not suitable for use in every household, as the smoke tends to be harmful for people with asthma and other respiratory illnesses. These mosquito coils can be risky as they could cause fire accidents around the house. Fortunately, mosquito killer machine in bangladesh are very safe and effective. You can buy mosquito killers online at

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Nowadays, every household has installed some form of insect killers, to prevent being infected by detrimental diseases carried by these pests. Insect killers are very easy to use as well as install. You can find different types of insect killers that vary in size and designs. The mosquito killing lamp is very useful. It uses ultraviolet light to attract the insect and once it hits on the steel net of the lamp it traps the insect hence killing it instantly. Mosquito bats are also very famous. This product comes in the form of a racket, with thin net running across it. All that you need to do is swing it around the room and the net like substance will trap the insect. Get the best insect killer in bangladesh, at

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