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LED TVs have been part of the technology revolution in television industry. The improved iteration of LCD TVs, LED TVs display better picture quality, high quality resolution and crisp colors along with wider screens. These televisions are backlit by a range of LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) right at the back of the screen. This technology improves the color contrast by adjusting the brightness and darkness of the screen more effectively.

When compared to CCFL technology that is used in Plasmas, LEDs incorporate more advanced contrast levels, coupled with slender design and backlit along the edges of the panel. Furthermore, LEDs are power-efficient and boast a wide color gamut as compared to CCFL sets. The sleek and stylish designs of the screen is another point in favor of the LED TVs

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Excellent features

This is not just the name of LED TVs that is captivating everyone but there are lots of features that are making these devices unique. To buy LED TVs, just have a look on following points.


When you are shifting into new house or just arranging things wisely in your present place, then the space is significant factor. Brands like LG, Samsung and Sony have this benefit of slimness. They are thin and occupy reasonable space in any place.

Light weight

To carry from one place to another is really a headache especially when a person is all alone to handle all tasks. For such cases, the light weight of appliances like Samsung is big plus point. Moreover, you do not require strong tables or trolleys to put these electronics.

Smart television

Smart technology is not just the feature of phones and laptops but this is also polishing the operations of LED TVs in the form of Smart TVs. With minimal LED TVs price, you can find web browsers, app stores and many other connectivity traits. There are also various applications that can help in streaming television shows and movies. Internet connectivity is also effortless by the assistance of built-in Wi-Fi.

3D technology

The 3D technology is also seen with best priced LED TVs. Many appliances are observed allowing viewers to view both 2D and 3D content. With this technology, the quality of 3D glasses also matters. The wide display size can give more interesting 3D view to the audience which can be viewed through 3D TVs.

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