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Stay Safe on the Road: Essential Safety Gear for Bikers in Bangladesh

Stay Safe on the Road: Essential Safety Gear for Bikers in Bangladesh


For motorcycle enthusiasts in Bangladesh, riding is not just a mode of transport; it's a passion and a way of life. However, safety should always be the top priority when you hit the road. The right safety gear can make a significant difference in reducing the risk of accidents and protecting you in case of an unforeseen mishap. In this article, we'll explore essential safety gear for bikers and present you with a selection of top-quality products available on, along with their prices in BDT (Bangladeshi Taka).

The Importance of Safety Gear for Bikers

Before we delve into the specific safety gear, let's understand why it's crucial for every biker:

  • Protection from Injuries: Accidents can happen to even the most skilled riders. Safety gear is designed to minimize the impact of injuries in case of a fall or collision.
  • Visibility: Reflective elements and bright colors in safety gear make you more visible to other road users, reducing the chances of accidents.
  • Weather Protection: Safety gear also provides protection from adverse weather conditions, allowing you to ride comfortably in rain, cold, or heat.
  • Legal Requirement: In many countries, including Bangladesh, wearing certain safety gear like helmets is a legal requirement.

Essential Safety Gear for Bikers


Product Description Price (BDT)
Vega Off-Road Full Face Helmet Full-face helmet with superior protection and ventilation. BDT 2,800 - 3,200
LS2 Stream Solid Full Face Helmet Lightweight and comfortable helmet with a quick-release strap. BDT 3,600 - 4,000
Steelbird SBH-17 Terminator Helmet Sturdy and stylish helmet with a flip-up visor. BDT 2,300 - 2,700


Product Description Price (BDT)
Rynox Tornado Pro Motorcycle Jacket All-season jacket with armor and weather protection. BDT 10,500 - 11,500
Komine JK-143 Protect Full-Mesh Jacket Mesh jacket with CE-level armor for hot weather rides. BDT 5,500 - 6,000
Oxford Montreal 3.0 Textile Jacket Versatile and waterproof jacket with reflective detailing. BDT 8,500 - 9,000


Product Description Price (BDT)
Probiker Leather Motorcycle Gloves Full-finger leather gloves with knuckle protection. BDT 800 - 900
Scoyco MC12D Motorcycle Gloves Off-road gloves with breathable mesh and impact protection. BDT 1,200 - 1,400
Freetoo Motorcycle Gloves Touchscreen-compatible gloves with adjustable straps. BDT 600 - 700


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