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Take amazing selfies using Selfie Sticks

In the modern world where taking selfies and pictures is enjoyed by everyone, more and more accessories and devices are required. Starting from the camera and smartphone, now there are so many other gadgets that will allow users to take the ultimate selfie. Selfie sticks are the must have accessories to take amazing selfies within seconds. These work like a monopod for your arms which help the user capture more area and helps fit in more people in one picture. There are different colors of these selfie sticks from which buyers can select and also there are different sizes. Some selfie sticks are designed especially for travelers who like to video tape everything they are doing. There are a number of brands that have introduced selfies sticks. Daraz offers shoppers with a massive collection of selfie sticks online. Buyers can purchase all types of selfie sticks with special features at reduced price rates. There are special discounts for online consumers that provide the best selfie sticks prices in Bangladesh.

Guide for purchasing selfie sticks

When you decide to buy selfie sticks, there are a number of factors you must keep in mind. Consider all the features, benefits and limitations. Also it is important to pick out the right one according to your smartphone type. Following are the type of selfie sticks that you purchase with great features;

Bluetooth Selfie Sticks

The Bluetooth selfie stick is the most demanded one as it is much easier to use and take pictures without any hassle. Basically this type of selfie stick connects to the Bluetooth of your smartphone and automatically takes pictures using a trigger. There are different trigger options which includes a shutter button which is pressed and the picture is captured. Other models include built-in Bluetooth systems that do not require any shutter button. Get Bluetooth selfie sticks at best price online at Daraz.

Cable Selfie Sticks

These selfies work on cables which are known are the Looq and Noot. There are no batteries or external power required to make these work. The user is required to attach their smartphone’s headphone jack to the cable which will launch the camera application. These are easy to use as well but the only limitation is that these require to be connected to the cables which makes them not wireless.

Manual Selfie Sticks

Unlike Bluetooth selfies sticks, these do not have any trigger system. These are only used as a monopod. You place your mobile device on the stand and open the camera application. You can set the timer and take pictures. These are much cheaper to purchase as compared to any other selfie stick.

When buying any type of selfie stick, it is important to look at all the features. It is recommended to purchase Bluetooth ones because these work well with all types of phones. Whether you are looking for selfie sticks for iPhone or android phones, the Bluetooth one is the best option. Happy shopping!