Our Journey to Grow Bangladesh

  • Almost 70% of the population does not use the internet on a regular basis. As the leading e-commerce company in Bangladesh, we have the vision to bring the freedom of e-commerce to everyone in Bangladesh. To fulfill the vision, we share our expertise with the D-Store owners and train them to use the internet. Consequently, D-Store owners spread their knowledge to local people and help them to participate in the digital revolution of Bangladesh.

    Digitalizing Rural Bangladesh

  • 200,000 different products are available on our website. Traditionally, the variety of available products is much higher in cities than in rural areas. However, in this era of globalization, rural people are aware of these products and want to buy them. Together with the D-store owners, we supply these products to every corner of Bangladesh and bring the benefits of globalization to everyone.

    Providing a vast product range

  • 13% of the total industrial monetary contribution comes from wholesale and retail trade. By partnering with local retailers, we empower and help them to grow their business substantially.

    Supporting small retailers

  • 64% of the women in Bangladesh are not participating in the labor market. We believe this is a tremendous work force and yet untapped. Together with our partner iSocial, we aim to free this massive unused potential by creating female entrepreneurs and guiding them to open and manage a D-store.

    Empowering Women

  • More than 35% of the total population lives in poverty. By supporting small retailers and empowering marginalized women, we are creating the sustainable environment to alleviate poverty in Bangladesh. Together with our partners we inspire other companies to follow this example and take actions against poverty.

    Alleviating Poverty

Benefits of Opening a Daraz Store

Zero Capital Investment

To join D-Store, a retailer does not need to have any capital investment, rather s/he can just sign up to be a D-Store owner.

No Storage Space Required

By becoming a D-Store owner, a retailer is entering the world of e-commerce. Hence, he does not need to have a physical space to store various kinds of products.

Handsome Commission on Purchase

With each Purchase or transaction the D-Shop owner earns a handsome commission which becomes his extra income alongside his business.

Increased Customer Loyalty

By becoming D-Store owner, a retailer can sell over thousands of different kinds of products. This leads to customer satisfaction and increases customer loyalty.

How do we
do it ?

Step 1 of 5

Product Selection:

Customer comes to the store and selects the product from D-Store manager’s device.

Order Placement:

D-Store manager places the order for the customer.

Product delivery to Daraz Store:

Daraz delivers the product to D-Store.

Customer Pickup:

The customer receives the product from D-store.

After-sales and Customer Loyalty:

D-Store manager receives feedback from customer and builds customer loyalty.


Product Selection

Order Placement

Delivery to Daraz Store

Customer Pickup

After Sale & Customer Loyalty

Open Your D-Store

We will be glad to have you as a part of D-Store Family

Revolutionizing E-commerce in Bangladesh

Success Stories

Rizvee Ahmed Rubel, First D-Store Owner

"Daraz has almost 2 lac exclusive products which are available on their website and I hope D-store will act as a good medium and easy platform for my customers to order products from Daraz website"