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Choose from the best major appliances at Daraz – Freezers and refrigerators

Kitchen appliances are divided into two main categories that include; small appliances and major appliances. When it comes to purchasing major appliances, buyers can select from a number of products. Freezers and refrigerators are a major part of any kitchen. There are a number of brands that manufacture and retail freezers and refrigerators. Buyers can easily select the model of these appliances that fit their requirements. Daraz offers refrigerators and freezers online at affordable prices. There are a number of brands to choose from.

Guide for buying freezers and refrigerators

When you decide to buy freezers or refrigerators, there are a number of features, benefits and other factors to take into account. The following are the factors that shoppers must keep in mind before getting these appliances;

Types of freezers and refrigerator

Shoppers can select from different types of refrigerators and freezers for their kitchen that include the following;

Upright and Chest Freezer

Customers can select from a number of designs of freezers according to their necessities. There are two major type of freezers to choose from that include; upright and chest. The Upright freezers are horizontal whereas the chest freezers are vertical. The horizontal ones work well for bigger sized kitchens because they tend to take a lot of space but everything can be stored properly. The vertical freezers have different sections in which one can store food items. Both of the freezers have defrosting features, interior lighting, temperature control, locks and so on forth. Shoppers can select the best one easily online at Daraz. There are special deals that will allow consumers to purchase refrigerators and freezers at best prices in Bangladesh.

Top freezer

This is the most common type of appliance used in every household. Basically the freezer is on top of the unit. This is one of the oldest designs in the market and people prefer it the most. There are different sizes you can choose from according to the size of your kitchen and requirements. There are interior lighting in these which makes it easier to look at food items in the dark or in general. The setting of the refrigerator makes it very easy to store everything.

Bottom Freezer

For household that use bottom freezers generally have to store more frozen goods. This unit has a bottom freezer which usually has a sliding drawer or swinging door. These freezers have enough space to store all types of fresh and frozen food items. The temperature is kept normal which keeps everything fresh for family members.

Side-by- side Refrigerators

These are usually big in size as there are two doors parallel to one another. Both the sections have equal space which allows using them conveniently. One side is the freezer and the other is the refrigerator. This makes it easier to keep everything organized in one appliance rather than having two separate ones. Also there are adjustable sleeves in these and interior lighting. These freezers have one of the best temperature controlling settings.