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Different types of gadgets and devices are a major part of our everyday life. There are so many advancement in technology that sometimes it is hard to keep track of. When it comes to buying laptops and computers, there are a number of brands to choose from. Life without laptops and computers nearly seems impossible. People use them at work, school, household and so on forth. Everything is made easier and much simpler with these devices. Almost every household has more than one computer at home. Shoppers can buy laptops in bangladesh either online or from a retail store anytime. Whether you are going at a specific electronic shop like Dell or looking for one online, it is important to do a little research first. There are thousands of models of these devices with different features. It is best to pick out the ones that have all the specs that match your requirements. Purchase laptops online at the best prices at Daraz. There are a number of discount deals for the consumers here which will reduce the laptops prices in Bangladesh.

What Are Best Laptop Brands In Bangladesh? is home to some of the best laptop brands in Bangladesh featuring hp, dell, lenovo, sony and a lot more. You may find our list of best laptops with prices in the links below.

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Guide For Buying Laptops

When it comes to buying laptops, there are a number of factors to keep in mind. In order to purchase the best laptops online, buyers must consider all the specs, pros and cons. You must keep the following factors in mind when buying a laptop or notebook;


The first thing to keep in mind is the processor of laptop. The higher the processor speed is of a device, the better it is. All the processors in laptops are manufactured by Intel which include i3, i5 and i7. HP offers shoppers with one of the best processors for its line of laptops which you can purchase easily at Daraz.


There are different screen sizes of every laptop which shoppers can get according to their requirements. A number of people prefer compact screen sizes just like of a MacBooks or can select from bigger sizes as well. Also look at the display resolution as well as some devices will have better graphics and screen resolution.


When it comes to storage, every laptop has an internal storage system. There are different options for that which buyers can purchase according to their requirements. It is important that you backup data regularly so that you do not lose your important files. If your internal data gets full quickly then you can you use external storage devices like USBs, memory cards and hard drives.

Battery time

When purchasing a laptop, the battery time should be given immense importance. The battery time determines how long will the device last without having to charge it again and again. Also people must take into account the battery charging time as well.

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Before buying laptops, It is important to keep all features in mind like Wi-Fi capabilities, smooth keyboard, USB ports, operating system and so on forth. Daraz offers you a convenience of choosing from top laptop brands offering best deals and discounts on laptop prices in Bangladesh. Order online and receive delivery of your laptops in dhaka, khulna and nationwide in Bangladesh.