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Having a good sense of style is as important for men as it is for women. The major attractiveness and attitude of a man comes from his dressing style. It must exude power and manliness. Therefore men’s fashion is of utmost relevance. This includes clothes as well as other fashion accessories. They can transform the whole outlook of a man, boosting his confidence and adding to his style statement.

You can buy latest men’s fashion products online from Daraz where they are available in a huge variety. The fashion items range from western to ethnic products and are also offered at Daraz by both the foreign and local brands, like Bata to Emporio Armani. The price range varies at Daraz and is affordable so that a large number of customers can buy the fashion products.

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Your clothes and the way you dress make your first impression on others. So guys, if you want ladies to swoon over you, pay close attention to your clothing. There are two types of clothes worn by men in Bangladesh, western and eastern.

  • Western clothes
  • These are found in a variety and almost everywhere. Wearing a pair of jeans and a matching shirt is the most comfortable and easiest clothing for men. However, there are clothes for every occasion. Mostly at work, or some formal events men’s clothing also becomes formal as they wear suits, dress pants or dress shirts. But when hanging out with friends, traveling, etc. men can wear any number of t-shirts with jeans or slacks. These t-shirts like those available at Yellow are plain in style, have checks, stripes, etc.

  • Ethnic clothes
  • Often during the religious or some festive events, people like to wear traditional clothing. There are also different styles and designs of traditional clothes for men. Men’s Panjabi & Sherwani are worn on formal events like weddings, Eid, etc. These clothes are made of different fabrics and have embroidery and various other embellishments on them. It’s the stitching that matters the most in these clothes as they need to be perfectly tailored.

    Fashion Alert: Men’s shoes in style

    It is impossible to talk about fashion and not discuss shoes. They are an important part of your personality. Men’s Shoes are versatile in nature and are produced in a wide range of styles so that they can be worn during different occasions. Men’s formal shoes include oxford shoes, derby shoes, loafers, brogue, etc. These shoes must be present in a man’s wardrobe. Then there are casual shoes from brands like Apex, Bata, that are worn at almost any occasion. These shoes are made of different materials like leather, suede, etc. Sandals are causal shoes worn with eastern and western clothes, while flip-flops are worn at homes or when hanging out at the beaches.

    Have a look at men’s fashion accessories

    You might ignore the accessories normally, but if you want to dress to impress, buy some essential accessories to go with your outfit. Brands like Fashion De Paris, Gucci, etc. produce a variety of men’s accessories including belts, wallets, ties, scarves, etc. Watches are important to add to your classiness.