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Discover the Best Samsung Microwave Oven Prices in Bangladesh 2023

Upgrade your kitchen with the latest Samsung microwave ovens available on Daraz Bangladesh. Samsung offers a variety of microwave ovens including solo, grill, and convection types to cater to your cooking needs. Whether you're reheating leftovers or preparing elaborate meals, Samsung microwave ovens combine efficiency with innovative technology to deliver exceptional results.

Top 5 Samsung Microwave Ovens for Your Kitchen

Product Name Type Features Price Range in BDT
20L Solo MWO with Slim Size & Quick Defrost MW73AD-B/D2 Solo Microwave Oven Slim design, Quick defrost, 20L capacity 14,000
Samsung MS23K3153AK/D2 Basic Solo Microwave Oven Solo Microwave Oven 23L capacity, Eco mode, Deodorization 18,900
Samsung CE76JD-M/D2 Convection & Grill Microwave Oven | 21 Liter Convection & Grill Convection cooking, 21L capacity, Grill function 19,500 - 22,900
Samsung MC28H5025VS/D2 Smart Convection & Grill Microwave Oven | 28 Liter Convection & Grill Smart oven, 28L capacity, Tandoor technology 28,450 - 31,400
Samsung MC28H5025VK/D2 Smart Convection & Grill Microwave Oven | 28 Liter Convection & Grill 28L capacity, Fermentation function, Slim fry 27,850 - 29,900

How to Choose the Perfect Samsung Microwave Oven with Daraz Filters

Make your selection process easier by leveraging Daraz's intuitive filter options. Choose based on type, capacity, price range, and more to find the Samsung microwave oven that best fits your culinary needs and budget.

Exploring Different Types of Samsung Microwave Ovens

Samsung offers a range of microwave ovens, from basic solo models for simple reheating to advanced convection ovens for baking and grilling. Each type is designed to suit different cooking habits and kitchen sizes, ensuring there's a Samsung microwave oven perfect for every household.

Maximizing the Use of Your Samsung Microwave Oven

To get the most out of your Samsung microwave oven, explore its various cooking programs and features like Eco Mode, Slim Fry, and Tandoor technologies. These features are designed to make cooking simpler, healthier, and more enjoyable.

What to Consider Before Buying a Samsung Microwave Oven from Daraz

  • Assess your kitchen space to choose the right size and type of microwave.
  • Consider the cooking features that are most important to you.
  • Read customer reviews on Daraz to help gauge the product's performance.
  • Look out for special deals and EMI installment options to get the best value.

Why Choose Daraz for Your Samsung Microwave Oven Purchase

Daraz Bangladesh is your go-to online shopping destination for Samsung microwave ovens, offering competitive prices, authentic products, and convenient shopping options. Enjoy hassle-free delivery, secure payment methods, and reliable customer support when you shop on Daraz.


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