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Conquer the Trails: Exploring Mountain Bikes in Bangladesh

Conquer the Trails: Exploring Mountain Bikes in Bangladesh

Bangladesh, with its diverse landscapes and scenic beauty, offers a wealth of opportunities for mountain biking enthusiasts. Whether you're seeking thrilling downhill rides or tackling challenging off-road trails, having the right mountain bike is essential. In this article, we'll delve into the world of mountain bikes in Bangladesh, discussing their significance, types, and showcasing some top products with their prices in BDT, all available on

The Significance of Mountain Bikes

Before we explore the products and their prices, let's understand why mountain bikes are significant:

  • Versatility: Mountain bikes are designed to handle various terrains, including dirt trails, rocky paths, and steep inclines, making them ideal for adventurous riders.
  • Durability: These bikes are built tough to withstand the rigors of off-road riding, ensuring they can endure rough conditions and impacts.
  • Comfort: Mountain bikes come with suspension systems that provide a smoother ride by absorbing shocks and bumps along the trail.
  • Control: Wide and knobby tires offer excellent grip and stability, allowing riders to maintain control even on challenging surfaces.

Top Mountain Bikes and Their Prices in BDT

Here are some top mountain bikes available on, along with their prices:

Product Price (BDT)
Polygon Siskiu D7 98,500
Giant Talon 2 57,500
Merida Big Nine 300 58,500
Trek Marlin 6 58,900
Scott Aspect 980 54,900

1. Polygon Siskiu D7 - Price: 98,500 BDT

The Polygon Siskiu D7 is a full-suspension mountain bike designed for avid riders who seek maximum control and comfort on challenging trails.

2. Giant Talon 2 - Price: 57,500 BDT

The Giant Talon 2 offers a perfect balance between performance and affordability, making it an excellent choice for beginners and intermediate riders.

3. Merida Big Nine 300 - Price: 58,500 BDT

The Merida Big Nine 300 is a versatile hardtail mountain bike known for its agility and durability, suitable for various terrains.

4. Trek Marlin 6 - Price: 58,900 BDT

The Trek Marlin 6 is a reliable and trail-ready mountain bike that provides excellent handling and performance for adventurous riders.

5. Scott Aspect 980 - Price: 54,900 BDT

The Scott Aspect 980 is an entry-level mountain bike that offers solid performance and durability for riders looking to explore off-road trails.


Mountain biking in Bangladesh offers a thrilling adventure for riders who are eager to explore the country's scenic landscapes and challenging trails. A high-quality mountain bike is your ticket to experiencing the thrill of conquering nature's obstacles.

From our selection of top mountain bikes available in Bangladesh, you can find the perfect fit, style, and price point to meet your mountain biking needs. Explore these options further on and embark on exhilarating rides, immersing yourself in the beauty of Bangladesh's outdoors while pushing your limits as a mountain biking enthusiast.

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