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Printers and scanners are like synonymous components of computing; accessories that make the complexities of documentation much simpler. They come in variety of different sizes, types, shapes and colors. At this online shop at you can find a large variety of leading printer, scanner and supplies online at best prices in Bangladesh.

Ink Cartridges & Toners

Every member of the equipment club requires essential components to perform its basic function and to operate smoothly. Printer, copiers and others are no different; they need the ink in the machine to replaced and renewed from time to time. We offer just the right brand of ink cartridges and toners that will ensure your machine is always performing at its best.


One the most useful inventions of the grand rise of the digital 21st century, the scanner lets you easily upload your documents in cyberspace almost instantaneously, with extreme precision and share it free of cost. Scanners at this online shop in Bangladesh are from leading brands in the country that have gone to great lengths to add features that are highly innovative and add further convenience to a device that is designed to be a convenience.

Laser Printers

The laser printers available here are of superior quality and capable of printing documents with high precision and speed, as well as pictures that are as close to the original digital image as possible. They use ink highly efficiently and ensure that every dynamic of the document, picture or scanned image that you are printing be as vivid as needed to be optimal.

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At Daraz Bangladesh our dedicated online shop for scanners and printers offers top brands at some of the most reasonable prices in Bangladesh. Grab all the equipment and supplies you need, and simply have them delivered to you.

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