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Rice: The Heart of Every Bangladeshi Meal

Rice: The Heart of Every Bangladeshi Meal

Rice is more than just a food staple in Bangladesh; it's a cultural symbol that binds the nation together. From mouthwatering biryanis to comforting khichuris, rice is an integral part of every Bangladeshi meal. In this article, we will delve into the world of rice, exploring its significance, different varieties, and showcase some top-quality rice products available on Daraz.com.bd, along with their prices in Bangladeshi Taka (BDT).

The Significance of Rice in Bangladesh:

Rice is not just a source of sustenance in Bangladesh; it holds deep cultural and social significance:

  • Cultural Icon: Rice is a symbol of Bangladeshi culture and tradition, deeply rooted in the nation's history.
  • Diverse Cuisine: Bangladesh boasts a rich culinary heritage with a wide range of rice-based dishes, each offering unique flavors and aromas.
  • Social Bonding: Sharing a meal of rice is a symbol of togetherness, family gatherings, and social celebrations.
  • Economic Importance: Rice farming plays a crucial role in the country's economy, providing livelihoods for millions of farmers.

Varieties of Rice in Bangladesh:

Bangladesh offers a diverse range of rice varieties, catering to various culinary needs:

  • Basmati Rice: Known for its aromatic and long grains, Basmati rice is perfect for biryanis and special occasions.
  • Aman Rice: A staple variety of rice, Aman rice is widely used in daily cooking, including khichuri, polao, and more.
  • Boro Rice: Grown during the dry season, Boro rice is favored for its versatility and suitability for different dishes.
  • Atop Rice: Often used in making traditional sweets and desserts, Atop rice is small-grained and glutinous.

Key Considerations When Choosing Rice:

Selecting the right rice is crucial for the success of your dishes. Consider these factors when choosing rice:

  • Grain Type: Determine the type of rice best suited for your dish, whether it's long-grain Basmati for biryani or short-grain Atop for desserts.
  • Aroma: Some rice varieties, like Basmati, have a distinct aroma that enhances the overall flavor of your dishes.
  • Texture: Different rice varieties have varying levels of stickiness, which can affect the texture of your final dish.
  • Cooking Time: Be aware of the cooking time required for your chosen rice variety to ensure timely meal preparation.

Top Rice Products on Daraz.com.bd:

Product Variety Weight (Kg) Price (BDT)
Kazi & Kazi Organic Basmati Rice Basmati 1 390
ACI Aman 28 Rice Aman 1 90
ACI Boro Gold Rice Boro 1 85
Pran Atop Rice Atop 1 65
ACI Bishma Rice Aman 1 90

Kazi & Kazi Organic Basmati Rice:

Kazi & Kazi Organic Basmati Rice offers the exquisite aroma and long grains that are perfect for biryanis and special occasions.

ACI Aman 28 Rice:

ACI Aman 28 Rice is a popular Aman variety, ideal for everyday cooking, including khichuri, polao, and more.

ACI Boro Gold Rice:

ACI Boro Gold Rice is a versatile choice, suitable for various dishes, from steamed rice to pulao.

Pran Atop Rice:

Pran Atop Rice is perfect for traditional desserts, known for its small grains and glutinous texture.

ACI Bishma Rice:

ACI Bishma Rice is another quality Aman variety, commonly used for daily meals across Bangladesh.


Rice is the soul of every Bangladeshi meal, connecting people through the warmth of shared traditions and the comfort of familiar flavors. Daraz.com.bd offers a wide range of top-quality rice products, ensuring you have access to the finest grains for your culinary creations. Whether you're preparing a festive biryani, a comforting khichuri, or a traditional sweet, the right rice is crucial. Embrace the rich tradition of rice in Bangladesh and elevate your dining experience with premium rice products from Daraz.com.bd.

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