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Samsung Smartphones in Bangladesh

Samsung is, without a doubt, one of the biggest players in the smart phone market. After establishing itself as a household brand when it came to consumer electronics, Samsung came out with its mobile phones that have gained worldwide recognition for their excellent performance, sleek designs and brilliant features. If you want a big bang for your buck, then Samsung smartphones are the ideal choice.

The Best Samsung Smartphones

Samsung is a name that delivers high quality products that incorporate the latest technology. A Samsung smartphone is no different. It has state-of- the-art features seamlessly packed in a premium handset with the addition of optional dual-SIM capabilities and extendable storage. Excellent camera quality and resounding sound output make phones from this brand a joy to use. Other notable features that come with various models are fingerprint scanners, wireless charging and curved screens. Samsung mobile phones are, therefore, ideal for any sort of usage; ranging from office work to gaming.

List of Latest Samsung Smartphones

  • Samsung S7 - The brand's flagship phone; heralded as the best smart phone to date.

  • Samsung S7 Edge - A slicker and curvier variant of the S7, it looks as good as it works.

  • Samsung Note 5 - This beauty has a large screen, S-Pen, impressive hardware and sleek design.

  • Samsung A7 2016 - A powerful phone with exquisite design and a fingerprint scanner.

  • Samsung A5 2016 - Impressive performance packed in a classy design with a fingerprint scanner.

  • Galaxy J2 - A budget phone with a load of features.

  • Galaxy J5 2016 - Captures great images while giving you an excellent performance overall.

  • Galaxy J7 2016 - A large screen, great camera and smooth performance.

  • Extensive Range of Samsung Smartphones Phones

    Samsung Galaxy S Series

    This series has the brand's latest and most high-end phones that are considered the flagships of this brand. Phones such as the S7 and the S7 Edge are the latest offerings by Samsung in this series. Loaded with the latest technology and specifications that make these phones perform excellently, these phones have been considered the best smart phones in the market.

    Samsung Galaxy Note Series

    A large screen and input from the S-Pen are the unique features of this series. This series is ideal for office work, multi-tasking and even gaming. Under the hood, the phones have the latest processors and storage capabilities to give you lightning fast response time and operations. Not only that, the phones in this series, such as the Note 5, are elegant and easy to handle despite their large size.

    Samsung Galaxy A Series

    The A series boasts some of the latest technology as well; coupled with impressive designs, powerful camera and efficient processors. Samsung smartphones prices vary with their features so this series is not as expensive as the Note or the S series. However, it does offer specs like those of the other high- end phones of some other brands.

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