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Elevate Your Home: Finding the Perfect Table in Bangladesh

Elevate Your Home: Finding the Perfect Table in Bangladesh


Tables are more than just pieces of furniture; they are essential elements of our homes. Whether you need a sturdy dining table, a stylish coffee table, or a functional study table, finding the perfect table for your space is crucial. In this article, we'll guide you through the world of tables available in Bangladesh on We'll cover various table types, their uses, and present you with a selection of top table products, complete with their prices in BDT.

Types of Tables and Their Uses

  1. Dining Tables: Dining tables are the heart of every home. They serve as gathering places for family and friends during meals. Look for a dining table that accommodates your family size and complements your dining room d�cor.
  2. Coffee Tables: Coffee tables are often the centerpiece of your living room. They're perfect for holding your coffee, books, and decorative items. Choose a coffee table that matches your living room style and provides enough surface area for your needs.
  3. Study Tables: For students and remote workers, a study table is essential. It should offer a comfortable and organized workspace. Look for features like storage drawers and adjustable height options.
  4. Side Tables: Side tables are versatile pieces that can be placed next to your sofa, bed, or any seating area. They're great for holding lamps, drinks, or decorative items.
  5. Console Tables: Console tables are narrow and elongated, making them ideal for entryways or behind sofas. They provide extra storage and display space without taking up too much room.

Top Table Products on

Product Price (BDT)
Wooden Dining Table ? 12,000 - ? 25,000
Glass Coffee Table ? 6,000 - ? 15,000
Folding Study Table ? 2,500 - ? 5,000
Wooden Side Table ? 2,000 - ? 6,000
Modern Console Table ? 8,000 - ? 12,000

Choosing the Right Table

When selecting a table for your home, consider the following factors:

  1. Purpose: Determine the primary use of the table. Is it for dining, working, or decoration?
  2. Size: Measure the available space to ensure the table fits comfortably in your room without overcrowding.
  3. Material: Choose a table material that matches your d�cor and lifestyle. Common options include wood, glass, metal, and plastic.
  4. Style: Consider the design and style that complements your home's aesthetics. Whether you prefer modern, classic, or rustic, there's a table to suit your taste.
  5. Functionality: Look for tables with additional features such as storage, extendable tops, or adjustable heights to enhance usability.


Tables are integral to our daily lives, providing functionality and aesthetics to our living spaces. Whether you're hosting family dinners, enjoying a cup of coffee, or tackling important work tasks, the right table can make all the difference.

Explore the wide range of table options available on to find the perfect addition to your home. With various styles, sizes, and materials to choose from, you can create a harmonious and functional living space that suits your needs and reflects your personal style.

Invest in quality tables to elevate your home and make every moment spent around them a memorable one. Start your journey to finding the ideal table for your home today with!

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