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Buy Women Abayas and Hijabs Online via Daraz

Muslim women wear hijab and abayas to cover their bodies. This is an Arab trend that is being followed by women all over the world. Stylish women’s abayas and hijabs can enhance the beauty of women. These women accessories have become high-fashion products being produced by various top-notch brands. They are extremely comfortable to walk in, especially outside homes at public places. When wearing an abaya or hijab, women don’t need to wear a dupatta or anything else, as abaya is like a gown covering you from head to toe while a hijab is a head scarf.

You can buy women's abayas online from Daraz where they are available in a huge variety in different colours. These abayas and hijabs have different styles and designs. They are available at affordable rates at Daraz so that they are accessible to a large number of women.

Types of women abayas and hijabs

In older times, there were only black abayas and hijabs for women. Today, we have a huge collection of these in different designs. There are basically two types of women’s hijabs and abayas.

Formal: These abayas and hijabs can be worn at formal occasions like weddings, formal events, etc. They are made of quality material like silk, chiffon, etc. and have a lot of embellishments on them. These embellishments include lace, sequins, beads, gemstones, etc. Not only do these abayas and hijabs look elegant but are very attractive because of their style. Some of the abayas have intricate patterns made on the sleeves and neckline.

Casual: When hanging out with friends or going for work or college, you can wear abayas or Islamic hijabs that are casual in style. They are reliable quality of material. Women’s hijabs online are modern yet simple in style and design and are also available at reasonable rates since they are used every day.

Things to consider when buying abayas or hijabs

Abayas and hijabs for women are available in distinctive designs at Daraz. An abaya is an outfit itself so it must be chosen very carefully. Hijab is an accessory that must go with your dress so that it may enhance the beauty of your clothes. Here are some of the things you must look for when buying an abaya or hijab.


You must select the fabric of your abaya or hijab based on the weather and occasion. In summers, abayas and hijabs must be thin and made of cooler material while for winters, the fabric must be warm and thick so that it can avoid cold entering your body. You must buy women’s hijabs and abayas that are stretchy so that they can be worn over any type of clothes.

Cuts and stiches

You must have seen different types and shapes of abayas for women. Some are quite fitted while some have lose shape. There are many abayas that are stylishly cut as they have loose sleeves and have buttons on the front. Others are fitted on the chest and like a gown and are flowy downwards.