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Online shopping for air conditioners has never been more easy and convenient before daraz Bangladesh. Since, Bangladesh is one of the few countries that gets to enjoy all the four seasons starting from the freezing cold of the winter season to the scorching heat of the summer. The summer season in particular lasts longer and exposes us to the heat that can be unbearable at times. Luckily, nowadays we have Appliances that can counter the heat. Fans have been around for ages and for the most part, they have served their purpose well. However, some conditions require something more and therefore, the concept of air cooler came in to being. However, that trend gradually waned as Air Conditioners came to the fore. Daraz Bangladesh brings to you an extensive collection of the best Air Conditioners in the country.

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Invest in Portable Air Conditioners for Your Homes

The needs of the people are growing, however, they want their Large Appliances and Small Appliances to be as compact as possible. Therefore, Portable Air Conditioners are in demand. These kinds of ACs are portable and compact enough to fit in even the small size rooms. They are powerful enough to cool off one normal size room. In the past, Window Air Conditioners used to be all the rage but they have gotten obsolete over the years. The difference between a Window AC and a Split AC is that the former is a complete unit whereas the latter is split in two parts: indoor and outdoor. Split Air Conditioners are popular due to their efficient cooling and efficient power consumption. Moreover, they are easy to install.

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You can also find Standing Air Conditioners at Such units are adequate for large rooms and can often be found in halls, lobbies and restaurants. Likewise, you can opt for Ceiling Air Conditioners when you want to retain the aesthetics of your room and go for a minimalist look. The latest in line of air conditioners have to the Inverter Air Conditioners which incorporate the latest technology to be more power-efficient and long lasting.

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Daraz offers you convenient option of online shopping bd, where you can find an extensive range of the best air conditioners from a number of renowned brands. By shopping online from daraz, you can enjoy best air conditioners prices in Bangladesh with additional deals and discounts. Order online and receive delivery of your air conditioners in Dhaka, Khulna, Chittagong and countrywide in Bangladesh with duty-free shipping and payment on time options.