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Beauty and health are often times synonymous because you cannot have a great look without a clean bill of health. Our exclusive online store offers you some of the best beauty and health products in the country at great prices all the time, any time. You will find top brands like Studio X, Garnier and L’Oreal at this online shop at amazing prices. The selection offered caters to both men and women, combining the essentials of health as well as beauty into one superb basket.

Types of Skin Care Products Available at Daraz BD

Welcome to Daraz BD, your ultimate destination for beauty products online in Bangladesh. Shop with confidence as we offer a wide range of products for every skin type and concern. From sensitive to oily skin, and skin lightening to acne treatments, find your perfect cosmetic match. We ensure all our products are authentic and made with natural ingredients for effective and safe results. Experience the joy of maintaining a flawless skincare routine with our affordable prices and high-quality ingredients. Start your journey to beautiful and healthy skin today.

Cleansers & Exfoliators: Discover a wide variety of cleansers and exfoliators at Daraz BD, catering to all skin types and concerns. From luxury soaps to refreshing shower gels and effective exfoliating scrubs, our collection has everything you need for a refreshed and revitalized complexion.

Toners & Mists: Maintain a healthy and hydrated complexion with our range of toners and mists. Choose from options designed for different skin types, such as oily, sensitive, and dull skin, providing a refreshing boost of hydration and balancing your skin's pH levels.

Serums & Oils: Achieve targeted skincare results with our selection of serums and oils. Combat acne, aging signs, and dryness with our concentrated treatments, while nourishing and protecting your skin with our natural oils.

Moisturizers & Treatments: Essential for any skincare routine, our moisturizers and treatments offer hydration, and protection, and address specific concerns. From restoring moisture to targeting signs of aging, find the perfect products to elevate your skincare routine.

Masks & Peels: Treat your skin to masks and peels that cater to different concerns. Eliminate blackheads, detoxify with charcoal peels, or gently exfoliate with facial scrubs for a radiant complexion.


Branded Beauty & Health Online Store

Makeup Set

Shop for the latest and leading brands of make up at this store and bring out the glamour in you. Get the elegant style of MAC and bring a luscious shine to your lips. Have Revlon take care of your eyeliner needs and make the most of every makeup session by looking your absolute best. You can also check nude lipstick, nail extension kit prices in Bangladesh at daraz.com.bd.

Fragrances price list

The benefit of a great scent can be mesmerizing and is the pivotal difference in great grooming. The best perfume price in Bangladesh is being offered are from leading brands such AXE and Channel so that both men and women can get the best quality fragrances to add a unique aroma to their overall grooming.

Best Personal Care Price

Get the most effective and premium quality products for your personal care. Whether you’re a man or a woman personal care is crucial part of daily routine and makes all the difference in your appearance. Products ranging from hair removers to oral care will be highly useful for your everyday use.

Do check special trimmers: Vintage T9 Trimmer

Best Hair Care Products for Damaged Hair

One of the most important rituals for men and women is proper hair care. The hair care products offered at this store ranging from shampoos to hair care accessories, will be beneficial for a great set of hair that is silky smooth but also healthy hair.

Skin Care Products List

Skin care is one of the most difficult and essential parts of great beauty and health. This is equally vital for men and women since the skin bears the brunt of all impurities you might encounter outside the home. Skin care products like cleansers like Ponds facewash take care of impurities and these lotions and creams ensures that your skin remain smooth and healthy. You can find various skin care product like multani mati at the best price in Bangladesh.


Benefits of Shopping at Daraz BD

Enjoy a seamless shopping experience with Daraz BD, your go-to destination for beauty products. Discover authentic brands, affordable prices, and products made with natural and safe ingredients. Tailor your skincare routine to your unique skin type, and achieve healthy and glowing skin with ease.

Range of Authentic Brands and Products

Shop confidently with our wide range of authentic brands and products, carefully curated for your beauty needs.

Affordable Prices on Quality Beauty Products

Experience the joy of quality beauty products without breaking the bank. Our affordable prices allow you to indulge in self-care guilt-free.

Natural and Safe Ingredients in Beauty Products

Prioritize your skin's health with products formulated with natural and safe ingredients, free from harmful chemicals.

Different Types of Skin Care Routines for Different Skin Types

At Daraz BD, we understand that different individuals have different skin types, and each requires a tailored skincare routine. Whether you have dry, oily, combination, or sensitive skin, we have a range of products to cater to your specific needs. Our wide selection of skincare products includes cleansers, toners, moisturizers, serums, and masks that are specifically formulated to address various skin concerns. From treating acne and reducing oiliness to hydrating dry skin and soothing sensitive skin, our products are designed to provide effective solutions. With authentic products and a range of options, you can find the perfect skincare routine to keep your skin looking healthy and radiant.

Oily Skin Care Routine

Having oily skin can be a challenge, but with the right skincare routine and products, you can keep your skin looking fresh and matte throughout the day. Here are the essential steps to follow for an effective oily skin care routine:

1. Cleansing: Start your routine with a gentle cleanser specially formulated for oily skin. Look for ingredients like salicylic acid, which helps reduce acne and control excess oil production.

2. Toning: After cleansing, use a toner to remove any remaining impurities and tighten pores. Look for toners with ingredients like witch hazel or tea tree oil, which help minimize pores and control sebum production.

3. Serums: Incorporate a lightweight serum into your routine to address specific skin concerns. For oily skin, look for serums with ingredients like niacinamide or hyaluronic acid, which help reduce oiliness and hydrate the skin.

4. Moisturizing: Contrary to popular belief, even oily skin needs moisturizing. Opt for oil-free moisturizers that are lightweight and non-comedogenic. These moisturizers help balance the skin's moisture levels without clogging pores.

5. Weekly Treatments: Treat your oily skin to a weekly deep cleansing mask or exfoliating treatment. These help remove dead skin cells, unclog pores, and control oil production.

By following this oily skin care routine, you can effectively reduce acne, control excess oil, and minimize the appearance of pores. Remember to choose products specifically formulated for oily skin to achieve the best results.

Dry Skin Care Routine

Dry Skin Care Routine: Hydrate and Nourish Your Skin

Having dry skin can be a challenge, but with the right care routine, you can achieve a healthy and hydrated complexion. Dry skin lacks moisture and can feel tight, flaky, and dull. It requires extra attention and nourishment to maintain its balance and radiance. Follow this simple dry skin care routine to keep your skin hydrated and glowing.

1. Cleansing: Start your routine with a hydrating cleanser specially formulated for dry skin. Look for cleansers that are gentle, sulfate-free, and contain hydrating ingredients like hyaluronic acid or glycerin. These ingredients help retain moisture and avoid stripping away natural oils.

2. Hydrating Serums: Incorporate a hydrating serum into your routine to provide deep hydration and rejuvenation. Look for serums enriched with powerful humectants like hyaluronic acid or ceramides. These ingredients attract and retain moisture, giving your skin a plump and radiant appearance.

3. Moisturizing: Hydration is key for dry skin, so choose a moisturizer that is rich in emollients and occlusives. Look for ingredients like jojoba oil, shea butter, or squalane as they lock in moisture, nourish the skin, and create a protective barrier. Apply your moisturizer both morning and night for optimal hydration.

4. Targeted Treatments: Treat your dry skin to targeted treatments like facial oils, nourishing masks, or overnight sleeping masks. These treatments provide intense hydration and replenish your skin's moisture levels.

Remember, consistency is key for dry skin care. Follow this routine diligently and adjust it according to your skin's needs. With the right products and ingredients, you can restore and maintain a healthy and radiant complexion. Embrace your dry skin's uniqueness and enjoy a hydrated and nourished glow!

Shop for a wide range of dry skin care products online at our store and discover a selection of moisturizers, hydrating cleansers, and targeted treatments perfect for your dry skin needs.


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