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Refrigerators in Bangladesh are a necessity. These devices keep your food items at a certain temperature along with keeping them fresh as well. Choosing the right refrigerator and freezer has become an increasingly difficult task because of the large range being manufactured by different companies.

Daraz is offering an easy and convenient method to buy refrigerators online by finding the largest variety easily. You can search for the one you want by selecting the price range, the brand name or any other option you like.

Different Types to choose from

There are a number of types when it comes to buying refrigerators online. Each one is manufactured in such a way that it can suit the needs of various people. Each style comes with its own advantages and disadvantages to choose from.

Top Mount Refrigerator

In terms of the traditional style of refrigerators, the top mount refrigerator freezer style is the most common one. This style is a good option if you have a tight storage spot present. They offer the most storage when it comes to the space utilization. Different manufacturers offer storage capabilities in terms of cubic feet. The highest range has gone up to 22 cubic feet. The doors for these swing to open. The freezer is found at the top of the refrigerator and there are multiple compartments present.

Bottom Mount Refrigerator

If you want high quality refrigerators at best price then go for the bottom mount refrigerator style. The size for these range from about 30 to 36 inches in size and the storage capacity is about 30 cubic feet. The freezer is not located at the eye level but is found underneath the fridge. The benefit is that the fridge shelves are easily found and you can place the items according to your own will.

French Door

The French Door style comes with two narrow and sleek doors at the top and there is a freezer below them. The width for these is about 30 to 36 inches as well and the capacity goes to around 28 cubic feet. There are space saving small doors that swing quite easily. Moreover, these are energy efficient because you only have to open half of the fridge if you require something. There are water and ice dispensers present on one of the doors for additional usage.


The Built-In style of refrigerators is slightly pricey but it is worth the amount. It fits in with the cabinets and counters, therefore taking a less amount of space. These can be in the bottom-freezer style the side-by- side style to choose from. The width is a minimum of 36 feet but it can be more as well and the capacity is of 25 cubic feet.

Compact or Mini

The compact or the mini fridge is a suitable option for your office, kitchen or even your residence at a university. There are small compartments present inside these to store your food and necessary items. Moreover, they cool items at an effective rate.

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