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Are You Ready For Fatafati Friday 2017?

Ladies and gentlemen, on the last Friday of November, we will bring you the biggest sales event of the year - Fatafati Friday; redefining daraz black friday 2017 in bangladesh. On this day, you can unleash the shopping monster inside by getting your hands on best black friday deals in bangladesh.

What Is Fatafati Friday?

Fatafati Friday is an adaptation of the Daraz black friday sales concept which was invented in the U.S. in 1924 by American retail giant Macy’s. Not only did Black Friday became an unofficial retail holiday but it also turned into a global shopping sensation. Over the past few years, with more and more countries jumping on the bandwagon, the concept has proven itself to be a worldwide phenomenon. Shoppers across country are also ready for the biggest sale of the year, Fatafati Friday that is a new concept of black friday sale 2017 in bangladesh.

When Is Black Friday In Bangladesh

In case if you’re new to this shopping fest and don’t know the exact black friday 2017 date in bangladesh, then daraz will unlock its door busting discounts on Friday, November 17th 2017.

What Can I Expect From On Fatafati Friday? will be celebrating Fatafati Friday instead of black friday in bangladesh that is one of the largest online shopping events across the world. On November 17th 2017, we will bring you the best Fatafati deals you can imagine. Expect crazy discounts up to 75% off only on all black friday sale items at

How Do I Get These Fatafati Friday Deals?

Download the Daraz App for your mobile phone or tablet, or connect with your laptop to our website to shop your Fatafati mega deals. You can also call our Customer Service hotline 16492 directly, to place your order.

What Kind Of Products Will Be Available On Daraz Fatafati Friday?

Be it phones, gaming consoles, home appliances or that trendy jacket you saw the other day, we will be offering the best discounts on everything from fashion to electronics that day. By the best we mean prices which are absolutely unbelievable and jaw-dropping.

When Can I Start Shopping?

You can start shopping from 12:00 am on Friday the 17th November 2017. Download the latest Daraz App to get special black friday 2017 deals in bangladesh.

How Do I Pay For Fatafati Friday Deals?

Payment can be made through the usual methods like cash on delivery or swipe on delivery with your debit/credit card.