Terms and Conditions

Collectible Vouchers

  • 1 per customer per voucher
  • Valid on All Platforms
  • Valid on All Payment Methods
  • You can collect as many vouchers as you want, but only one Daraz voucher and one voucher per seller can be used in an order. You can use more vouchers by adding items from different sellers and use one voucher per seller.
  • You can use Daraz voucher code with seller collectible and Daraz collectible with seller voucher code together. However, between Daraz voucher code and Daraz collectible (or seller voucher code and seller collectible) you can only use one with voucher code given preference - even if its giving a lower discount.
  • Collectible vouchers used during an order are returned to vouchers wallet if the order is cancelled or returned
  • Only vouchers applicable on the selected products and with order amount equalling or in excess of the minimum order value will be applied. The rest will remain stored in vouchers wallet for later use
  • Daraz vouchers can only be used if the order amount is equalling or in excess of minimum order value after seller vouchers discount (code or collectible) has been deducted
  • Collectible vouchers can only be used to avail discounts once their validity date starts. Validity for each voucher can be seen below the voucher or within vouchers section in My Account tab on mobile app
  • Collectible vouchers are non-transferable and once collected, can not be returned. Vouchers can be used to place orders till their date of expiry
  • Daraz and its sellers reserve the right to deactivate vouchers before their date of expiry and/or cancel orders placed with any vouchers.
  • Daraz reserves the right to change or discontinue all vouchers at any time